“I just feel safe with Desanka’s proofreading. Since she’s the last line of defence (so to speak) before a book is printed, she’s proven time and time again to find things that the rest of us have missed during multiple readings (including things like repetition and previously unrealised plot holes). I can trust that she’ll pay close attention to every word and paragraph to make sure that overall, it’s as clean a read as possible.” 

Lynette Noni, author of The Medoran ChroniclesPantera Press

“Noone likes a proofreader until she prods you that it’s ‘no one’.” 

John M. Green, author of Born to Run, The Trusted and The Tao DeceptionPantera Press

“Desanka is a delight to work with. She always does a wonderful and thoughtful job. Desanka not only picks up typos, but idioms, inconsistencies, ambiguities, repetition and one that we found most helpful was her questioning about what a character might actually be thinking at a particular moment, to challenge what the author had written. Her prompts have been spot on and in all cases we have made edits to deal with those issues.”

Alison Green, founder and CEO, Pantera Press

“Desanka’s professionalism and attention to detail is without compare. ‘Has Desanka checked it?’ was asked so frequently by team members and stakeholders that her name became the by-word for quality at McKinsey and Company.

“Recently, I worked with Desanka in a more collaborative manner on my website. I was impressed with Desanka’s ability to rewrite and edit the content. While retaining the spirit of my draft, the finished piece was stronger and clearer simply because of her involvement.

“On deadline Desanka is practical and keeps a clear head. She understands better than any editor I have worked with in two decades that a time comes when the drafting must stop. A design studio on deadline is a busy place, with edits being made by stakeholders and then input by the designers in real time. Desanka has been known to enter such a setting and use the phrase ‘it is time to put pens down’. The end result being a final draft that is polished, professional and distributed in a timely manner.

“For all of these reasons, and more, I trust Desanka’s insight and skill and recommend her without qualification.”

Nicole Gilroy, senior media designer, McKinsey and Company

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