For The Love Of Words offers proofreading and editing services.


After all the planning, writing, laying out, designing and typesetting, your project deserves a thorough proofread.

In proofreading, Desanka picks up not only typos and errors in grammar, but also such things as the inaccurate use of a character’s name, homophones (there vs. their vs. they’re) and missing text (where it’s accidentally been chopped off or an image is obscuring it).

Let Desanka’s expert eyes be your last port of call before publishing with confidence.

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“I just feel safe with Desanka’s proofreading. Since she’s the last line of defence (so to speak) before a book is printed, she’s proven time and time again to find things that the rest of us have missed during multiple readings (including things like repetition and previously unrealised plot holes). I can trust that she’ll pay close attention to every word and paragraph to make sure that overall, it’s as clean a read as possible.”  Lynette Noni, author of The Medoran Chronicles, Pantera Press


Desanka offers two types of editing.

Copy editing: correcting errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation; picking up inconsistencies in use of tense as well as narrative voice; checking facts; and ensuring consistency with House Style.

Substantive editing: copy editing, plus highlighting issues in and offering solutions to structure, tone, word choice, character credibility and development, and style.

Over the last two decades, Desanka has edited copy for the legal publishing, education and corporate sectors, as well as children’s books and fiction novels.

Desanka is dedicated to honouring the writer’s voice. Ask a question / Request a quote

Desanka’s professionalism and attention to detail is without compare. ‘Has Desanka checked it?’ was asked so frequently by team members and stakeholders that her name became the by-word for quality at McKinsey and Company. Recently, I worked with Desanka in a more collaborative manner on my website. I was impressed with Desanka’s ability to rewrite and edit the content. While retaining the spirit of my draft, the finished piece was stronger and clearer simply because of her involvement.Nicole Gilroy, senior media designer, McKinsey and Company

See some of Desanka’s editing and proofreading work here.

Privacy guarantee

All client materials are handled with the highest level of security and the strictest confidentiality.For The Love Of Words will never discuss your materials with, nor disclose them to, anyone. All intellectual property rests with the author or publisher, as applicable.


For The Love Of Words is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and meeting your brief and deadline every time.


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